Keeping our Community Safe

Community Therapists is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, staff and visitors and the information summarized here explains the many steps we have taken to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

ALERT: If you have flu-like symptoms or are concerned you may have COVID-19, please call 811 and/or complete this Self Assessment endorsed by the BC Centre for Disease Control. Then call your therapist, kinesiologist or our office at 604.681.9293 to reschedule your appointment if necessary.

Screening Procedures

We have developed a screening questionnaire that is administered over the phone prior to any clinic, community, workplace or home visit. It is administered the day before and just prior to all appointments. This tool allows us to determine if a client presents with any flu-like symptoms and if so, their appointment is rescheduled. Similarly, clinical staff are required to reschedule any in-person appointments if they experience flu-like symptoms.

Safety in our Offices

All entrances have signage advising attendees not to enter if they have any flu-like symptoms, have travelled outside of Canada within 14 days or have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19. Signage on how to prevent the spread of infection including personal hygiene and physical distancing is posted throughout our premises.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures

We have increased disinfection and cleaning procedures in our offices to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19. These procedures extend to administrative and clinical areas of our workplace (e.g. clinical equipment used in testing, door handles, counters etc.).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have and continue to acquire a robust inventory of PPE supplies. Hand sanitizer and PPE is widely available in our offices and workers bring PPE to their appointments.  PPE is utilized when physical distancing is not possible.

Telehealth Service Delivery

We continue to encourage the use of telehealth service delivery using our secure and reliable telehealth platform which meets Canadian privacy requirements. We have advised our clinical team members to continue to favor telehealth vs. in-person service whenever feasible and safe to do so.

Support for Work from Home

We continue to support our office and clinical team members with secure and reliable work-from-home technologies.

Clients Pay No Cancellation Fees

In order to minimize the risk of clients not reporting flu-like symptoms to avoid cancellation fees, we have currently eliminated cancellation fees that a client would have to pay, out of pocket.

Staying Up to Date

We continue to monitor announcements and directives from WorkSafeBC, the BC Public Health Office and the BC Centre for Disease Control to ensure our efforts to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission are in alignment with best practice and the latest evidence.

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