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Monita Khaira Sandhu appointed lead instructor for UBC MOT Vocational Rehab Module May 1st, 2020 Print
Friday, 01 May 2020 00:00

We are pleased to announce that Monita Khaira Sandhu has been appointed lead clinical instructor for the UBC MOT Vocational Rehabilitation module and both Lia Jetha and Danae Rau will also be returning as instructors for this course.

This marks CTI's 11th year of involvement in this module which combines theoretical and practical training in Functional Capacity Evaluation, Job Demands Analysis, Return-to-Work Rehabilitation and Disability Management. CTI is proud of our team’s involvement in this module as we shape future clinician’s vocational rehabilitation practice and also continue to positively influence our own clinical work. We have a long history of supporting the OT program through placements, Driver Rehab module instruction, small group tutorials and guest lectures and we anticipate this involvement to continue well into the future.

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