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Home health services assist clients recently discharged from hospital and others who have difficulty managing activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, mobility, home management and community access. Through a combination of adaptive equipment, mobility aides, education, exercise and support services, clients achieve greater independence and safety at home. Where appropriate, clients are later transitioned to an Activation Program to facilitate a return to a broader scope of activity at home, school or work. Consistent communication with the client’s physician and healthcare team ensures a smooth transition from hospital to home and ultimately, the realization of the client’s full functional potential in the community.

Home Health Assessments

An Occupational Therapy Home Safety Assessment involves the prescription of adaptive aids and mobility equipment to enable the client to participate safely in self care activities including bathing, feeding, dressing and toileting. The assessment and related consultation with equipment vendors and funding sources can usually be completed in 2-3 home visits.

An Occupational Therapy Home Care Assessment encompasses all aspects of the Home Safety Assessment and adds a detailed assessment of the client’s ability to perform self-care and home management tasks. Client requirements for home support, attendant care, home modifications and transportation assistance are also provided.

A Physiotherapy Home Care Assessment evaluates more complex home mobility concerns, physical limitations and requirements for pain management. Additionally, implementation of post surgical recommendations including positioning and early mobilization as directed by the discharging physician is provided. Education regarding symptom control, safe mobility strategies and appropriate exercise reduces fall risk and facilitates the recovery process.

Home Care Program

Occupational therapists develop a comprehensive home support plan, ensure appropriate levels of care are implemented and monitor client functional status. Clients are assisted to develop strategies in the areas of pain/disease management, activity pacing and activity modification. Ongoing intervention ensures client activity, support levels and equipment use are adjusted and appropriately matched to the client’s changing abilities and medical restrictions.

Homecare physiotherapy seeks to bridge the gap between hospital and community based physiotherapy. For many clients, travel to a physiotherapy clinic is infeasible during acute recovery and the often short appointments offered are inadequate. Community physiotherapy addresses this shortfall by providing services at home which may include bed/chair based exercises, gait training, joint mobilization, assisted stretching and strengthening work using tension bands. Clients participating in this program are less prone to falls, experience improved function in the home and are more quickly transitioned to community based activation programs or out-patient physiotherapy thereby shortening their recovery time.

Activation Programs

Occupational therapists structure daily activities to increase functional abilities and independence. Household, community and leisure activities are incorporated into a graded activity schedule that assists clients in re-establishing a productive & meaningful routine. Physiotherapists implement active exercise programs at home or in the community through gym and/or pool based programs. Improvements in strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and posture are targeted. For many clients, a thorough community based activation program is sufficient to facilitate a return to pre-accident activities.

Wheelchair/Seating - Power Mobility Assessments

Assessment of the client’s physical and cognitive status, home/community access requirements, available funding, and anticipated changes in function over time enables selection of appropriate manual and power mobility options, pressure relieving seating systems and mattresses. Consultants liaise with equipment vendors & implement trial periods to ensure proper selection before a final purchase is made.

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