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Medical Legal

Our therapists draw upon a diverse range of clinical backgrounds spanning numerous health populations and treatment settings including in-patient, out-patient, occupational rehabilitation/industry, community and residential care. This breadth of expertise provides funders with access to experts with a seasoned perspective in evaluating the functional implications of medical impairment and the provision of evidence-based, yet practical rehabilitation recommendations. Our clinicians provide valuable insight for cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice and human rights. Assessments utilize a range of information including medical records, client/collateral interview, standardized/formalized tests and clinical observations. Many of our therapists have been accepted as experts in Occupational Therapy and specific domain areas such as Life Care Planning and Functional Capacity Evaluation by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Life Care Plan

Future care requirements for the long-term are carefully determined through comprehensive evaluation by therapists skilled in life-care planning. The amount of support and assistance required to attain pre-loss level of functioning or to live with disability is clearly outlined along with related costs. Equipment, treatment, home modifications, attendant care, homemaking, home maintenance, medical supplies, childcare and other requirements are addressed.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

This comprehensive in clinic evaluation determines a client’s functional capacity in relation to current or previous critical job demands and identifies residual physical and/or cognitive abilities. The assessment relies on formalized and evidence based standardized tests and work simulations to build a profile of abilities & limitations that can be used to determine fitness for previous, current or prospective employment. The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) addresses durability of current employment as well as specific functional areas including body dexterity, range of motion, postural tolerances, hand dexterity, lifting and cognitive skills. Evaluation of effort, reliability of symptom reports, and stability of function analyses provide greater certainty of findings. FCE can also identify rehabilitation services and aides that will enhance or help maintain client function and findings can be utilized to help determine the suitability of other activities including homemaking, childcare and leisure pursuits.

Driver Rehabilitation

Evaluations and treatment provided by our Driver Rehabilitation practice meets the needs of individuals whose ability to drive has been challenged by cognitive impairment, visual /perceptual deficit, anxiety/PTSD, and physical limitations including weakness, amputation and paralysis. Our programs are provided by occupational therapists with specialized expertise and are delivered in active partnership with the client, the primary care physician, a certified driving instructor, RoadSafetyBC and the client’s funder. Please visit our Driver Rehabilitation page for details.

Case Management

Medical and rehabilitative expertise combined with a sound working knowledge of the health care system ensure recommendations for effective and appropriate services for clients are provided in a timely fashion. Communication with healthcare team members is initiated and maintained to facilitate a well coordinated response to the client’s medical and rehabilitation needs. The goal of this service is the client's access to the right healthcare services at the right time.

Medical Legal Opinions

Our experts are available to provide fair and reasonable Critique of opposing counsel's rehabilitation expert reports to prepare for cross examination or mediation. We can identify when conclusions and recommendations do not reasonably follow from assessment results and the evaluation context. These and other findings are communicated with clear and plain language in a concise report. In addition to Report Critiques, we provide focused Opinions on a range of issues including Loss of Service and Rehabilitation Program content with respect to OT and PT domains of practice.

The Function Experts®

Our diverse group of healthcare professionals and services are united by a common purpose, to better understand and improve the function of our clients in the settings that matter to them.

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