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Pain Management

Chronic or persistent pain can arise from injuries or as a result of illness or congenital conditions. Without the tools and strategies to address this pain, clients may face significant challenges and disruption to home, community, school, and workplace roles. Our modular and customized program incorporates evidence-based principles of self management, pain science education, structured exercise, activity modification, mindfulness training, anxiety/mood management and gradual and supported re-integration of daily activities. Our team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists and kinesiologists working in collaboration with the client’s physician and mental health professionals.

Education & Support

Education regarding hurt vs. harm is provided as well as the basis of pain science including acute vs. chronic pain, the Neuromatrix approach to understanding pain, deep breathing, pacing, sleep strategies and collaborative goal setting. Reframing negative thoughts and beliefs is also a core component of the education provided. The goal of education and support is to help clients build awareness of how their brain interprets pain, the connections between pain and their emotions, and their unique symptom triggers. Understanding how the experience of pain is modified by endorphin production, better sleep, healthy neuroplasticity, a gradual approach to activity, and effective stress management forms the foundation of an effective and individualized pain management toolkit. By arming clients with the tools to manage their pain they can begin to regain control of their lives.

Return to Function & Work

Meaningful activities are utilized therapeutically to engage clients in pain rehabilitation. Through the application of systematic and graded increases in home and daily activities and subsequently, exercise and community activities, clients are positioned for success and eventual supported return to work. Generalizing and habituating pain management strategies learned in therapeutic settings to functional contexts including home, community, school and workplace is targeted. Adaptive and ergonomic equipment, symptom management aides, and work simplification strategies help to optimize functioning toward pre-disability levels.

The Strategy Map

The Strategy Map is a customized and collaboratively developed document which maps out the most useful and effective strategies and techniques clients have learned and successfully implemented in rehabilitation. This document acts as a guide to manage inevitable flare ups that occur and positions clients for long-term success and a durable return to normal activity and work after discharge from rehabilitation.

The Function Experts®

Our diverse group of healthcare professionals and services are united by a common purpose, to better understand and improve the function of our clients in the settings that matter to them.

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